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Libra and Capricorn compatibility

Your Libra lover is the essence of diplomacy and charm, an asset to you when he or she tags along with you to business functions. Capricorn and Libra are cardinal signs, so you both are pioneers and like change.

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Venus -ruled Libras show their strength subtly. By use of their substantial charm, Libras have been known to be the power behind the throne. If you experience difficulties, it will come when your Libra complains that you are away at the office too much. You may respond to your Libra that you are contributing to his or her lifestyle by earning a good living, and he or she should be more understanding.

Libras are so good at networking that your sweetie might show you how to get ahead without so much sweat. Libras know how to use their charisma in any situation! But since they like being married, your Libra would not leave you unless the relationship took a radical nosedive. Another problem is that Libras are not as practical or grounded as you. Your Libra partner may seem scattered and may not share your need for a strong, stable base. In time, when life inevitably adds more responsibility to your shoulders, this could frustrate or even anger you when you find you are carrying too much of the load.

Sexually, you are very much in touch with your body. While Libras are more intellectual than physical, you can bring your lover to your level of enjoyment. This match gets a chance of success, mainly because the Sun signs are at an obstacle angle to one another. The answer is to go slowly and get to know your sweetheart well. If after time, you decide your Libra is the one for you, proceed! You may have the right planets in your individual charts to outweigh these drawbacks! Try Another Match I am a New Articles from Susan.

More from Astrology Zone. News You Can Use. In a situation of conflict between the two, the Libran will always back down first.

This quality pleases the Capricorn. Both zodiac signs are understanding, and this trait helps them realize each other's importance.

Libra and Capricorn

Libran parents of a Capricorn child are very lucky as the child is very easy to bring up and live with. Capricorn children are studious and focused in their academics and sports activities, and they are late developers where their love lives are concerned. Capricorn parents to a Libran child are also lucky as Librans are very easy to live with. The parents should just have the patience to shop till they drop and should be able to put up with all their child's fussy tastes.

Libran parents can help their Capricorn child to become more social and fun-loving. Capricorn parents can help their Libran child focus in their studies and help them become more goal-oriented. Both signs help in maintaining an equilibrium in each other's personality as there is a lot that Capricorns can learn from Librans and vice versa. The compatibility between the two, with regards to the parent-child relationship, is phenomenal, as both zodiac signs bring out the best and worst in each other, making the experience very enjoyable, and they can learn a lot from each other.

It is next to impossible for the Capricorn to handle the frivolous and extravagant Libra outlook. The importance they attach to business, money, and work methods is poles apart. A Capricorn and Libra's personalities are so far apart that the differences scream out loud and clear. The two extremes in application make it impossible, at least for a business deal between the two, to work together without the differences surfacing. A Capricorn employer will always find a Libran's attitude towards work very casual and jovial.

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A Libran boss will be too dependent on the Capricorn employee for every small thing, including making decisions as Capricorns are very dedicated to their profession. Capricorns are practical where their business is concerned; they have no qualms in terminating incompetent employees.

Sometimes, Librans can be wrongly perceived as incompetent for their casual attitude towards their work. A Libra boss and Capricorn employee scenario will always work out well, but if it is the other way round, the relationship is not very compatible. Traditionally Compatible Sun Signs. Leo and Taurus Compatibility. Leo and Gemini Compatibility. Taurus and Gemini Compatibility. Aries Man and Leo Woman. Taurus Man and Libra Woman. Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man. Leo and Libra Compatibility.

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