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Profile of Veronica , 22 Years Old , From Medellin Colombia : latino dating site

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Hello, my name is Veronica. I'm 22 years old and live in Medellin, Colombia. I'm looking for someone aged between 18 and My Detailed Profile Year of Birth: About myself and my ideal match: I am a really lovely girl, I love doing simple things like go to the theater or a good restaurant, I love the animals and nature and I like practice sports and take care of myself.

I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

Total ripoff and doesn't get ladies connected to men, it just rips you off. If there are that many gorgeous women in foreign countries waiting to connect with someone, they would find a legitimate way to do it. VictoriaHearts is a mirror site of VictoriaBrides and both sites are not linked. If you try to communicate with a girl on VictoriaHearts who shows as being "Online" she does not communicate because she is NOT receiving your text as the two sites are not linked.

How do I know this?

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I have used the exact same photos on my profile here so that she would recognize me on this site. That's how I know as she and I were talking of visiting each other on the previous site before I left the previous site due to their expense and this site is no different as to expense; in fact it is even more. The last two messages I sent to her show they were sent 16 hours ago. Now you tell me if she is really online?


That makes this site a fraud also because you have to pay to communicate with these ladies, so you are paying and getting NOTHING in return. This site is a fraud and the owners KNOW IT and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no matter which country they are situated in. And this is a real review which can be verified by sending me an email to johng gmail. So, I studied Russian history and Russian language and lived in Russia. Though my Russian has suffered some over the past couple of years, I had an intense interest to use it again and to see Ukraine.

That said, I was going to Ukraine anyway. MOST of the girls on this site are either scammers or bots. There are many real girls, but even in the case that many of them are real, I am confident that the majority don't sit on the site chatting. They just don't do it. They have someone else at an agency communicating for them.

Some of the communicators are really good.

There are likely some girls who do get on from time to time, but not most. Some of the girls will send a photo with your name in it quite fast if you ask, but that doesn't prove their intentions are good. Just that they're real. Many of the cultural attitudes towards dating and age gaps are different already, and generally the women on this site are They think highly of themselves, want a confident and successful man, and preferably an attractive man.

Try to show some interest in the country and language. And you can you might not get a date. I did meet a girl while I was there. I kissed her once. I was pleasant to her. I don't know if she was really sick or not, but she is a sweet girl I do have her phone number and am able to communicate with her through WhatsApp, albeit at her discretion. So I don't know. Either way, whether it's HER I spoke to on the site so often or someone representing her, she's fully aware and part of it, even if not maliciously.

There were inconsistencies - not huge, but there - in what "she" said on the site vs. Another girl found me on Facebook and now communicates with me on Facebook.

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I've gotten to know her some and I help her with free English lessons. And not all of the scammers will try to tell you how sexy you are all the time. My heart-strings were tugged and we eventually got onto an "I love you" basis. She's gone a bit cold on me. With that said, I think it's very likely that she really was sick while I was in Kiev. But I'm not positive. Our "relationship" hasn't really moved on from the site since then, which is disappointing to put it mildly.

I would say that it's possible. If you don't look for a girl who is too young, if you're respectful and kind as well as confident, and if it makes real sense like her English is good enough to move or you're willing to move. But it's woefully unlikely. I have been on and off of this site for a couple of years. On each occassion they sent the exact same pic! I too notice that they answer no questions. I wrote one lady of how insincere she is, and how I cant trust her, and go away.

I get a reply of "Thanks for your kind words". And she still writes to me. The site is completely a scam. I have photos and screenshots that I keep to remind me this is just for fun only. I dont know if any of them are real though. It is all about getting you to spend money on worthless credits. Oh, and 50 credits to open a pic?! They do not keep what they say concerning emails and the girls do not receive a request. Moreover they do not answer your questions in a credible way!

They just steals your money, thats what it is all about! All the reviews you see here are in fact true. Just read them thankfully I only bought a few credits to figure it out. It's not a scam. But it will cost you a fortune one to talk to the woman if that is who it is. I could go on and on!!!