Austin and ally when they start dating

Take her instead of me.

I should of told you earlier, but i couldn't. You told me to write about someone I care about and that's you. Do you still have feelings for me?

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All I know that I love being friends with you and I don't wanna ruin that. That's why I couldn't say that is about you. I'm happy that we're still just friends but, I kinda hoped it was about me. What the heck was that?! That was you rocking the keyboard. I guess I've always had this music in me I just needed you to bring it out. Now let's write a song. First we have to come with some chords. Now let's come up with some words.

I can't just speak any word. They have to come from your heart.

What's the last powerful emotion you've experienced? Sitting next to you and the keyboard and I thought I really love the new seat cushion I bought. It is so comfy! Let's go with love then. What's great about love? It doesn't fade over time. Where did you learn how to write songs that way? Smiles Well, I guess our plan worked. They don't seem mad at each other anymore.

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Aww Austin, I'll always be here for you. I'm sorry I ever doubted our partnership. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. Sorry to interrupt your moment, but what the heck was the kiss all about? Yeah, that was a lot more than just acting.

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I told you we can be professional. It was for the movie, man. Yeah, just for the movie man. Stammers again You're a really good actor Austin. Both run off in opposite directions. I'm going to miss you too. We shouldn't be sad. You're making a record! I'm so proud of you. And you're going on your first tour. And hey, we'll apart just for like three moths. Actually it's ninety-four days. I's like with Dez's-- Ally: I guess this is goodbye.

Have fun on tour. Good luck making your record. Yeah, why do you think I'm not gonna be OK? Because every time I go down I see you Ally, my tour is gonna end in few weeks. Maybe it's time to use the thing? The thing in the card I gave her. Guys, Austin gave me a plane ticket to everywhere, so I can meet with you guys on tour. Uh, he's doing this again. He must really miss Ally. We're in Washington State! Why did they do that?! I don't know why. We're 3, miles away again. We'll just have half hour to spend time together.

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I missed you too! You got here so late. I have to leave before the show is over. After all we went through to get together And I write better when you are around.

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Yeah so now we're in Idaho and they're going to drop me off at the nearest airport. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long to catch the next flight. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see you too. I'm just bummed that now we only have one day to spend together. That means a lot. I'm going to miss you. Austin, Wait, I was thinking. What's the point of going to a meeting with a bunch of unfinished songs? Wouldn't it make more sense to reschedule the meeting, and come in with finished songs?

Yeah, it makes sense to me. I want you to help me finish the songs. I'm going to stay with you for the rest of the tour.

I can think if one thing you have in common You know, 'cause you dated both Ally and Ki Uh, why were all those dogs chasing us? Maybe it's because I smell like bacon? Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything but, you do smell really good. Whoa whoa whoa, I don't think that's a good idea.

You don't think Trish is ready to forgive me? I'm glad you think so, 'cause I didn't get you anything. We're under a mistletoe again. Well, rules are rules.