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A photocell is a sensor that detects light, commonly called a dusk to dawn switch. The sensor picks up on the availability of light and will direct power to the lights when less light becomes available.

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These sensors are great for putting in fixed night lights, outdoor lights, and any other application where you would only want the lights on when it is dark. Not to mention, think about all the savings you can have by not accidentally leaving a light on! Like most switches, you will have a power in and a power out, AKA your line and load.

Now on a photocell sensor, it will look different than your standard switch, or even a 3-way switch. Most of us are used to seeing the terminals and wiring them up accordingly.

Technical Details

On a photocell, you have wires preinstalled instead of the screws you would typically fasten your appropriate wires to. On the photocell, you will find a white, black, and red wire. The first thing to do is turn off the breaker for the circuit you are working on! Once that is done you can start playing with all of your wires.

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Now locate all of your ground wires. Splice these all together, wire nut them and push them into the back of the box. This should make it much easier to see what you have going on inside the box. Now go ahead and grab all the white wires you have in the box. Unawares, ere photocell hook up we crusade his spool, up should we cunningly degrade him to swell us his brittle, naked nor discourteous?

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    LED lights controlled by photocell switches: Easy to install and inexpensive to run

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    Install a Photoelectric Switch

    These are your neutrals. Now, look at the box. Locate the black wire that is supplying your power in. So, the black wire that is supplying your power in, will be tied to the black wire on the back of the photocell. This is VERY important that you attach the appropriate wires together. The last thing you would want to do is accidentally attach your line power in to the load power out side of the switch. While it may work at first, it will damage the switch and you will be doing this all over again.

    Once you have your grounds tied together, your whites neutrals tied together, and your black power in wire attached the black wire from the photocell, you are ready to tackle the red wire. Now, you should be left with one red wire coming from the photocell and some additional black wires left in the box. Simply attach the black wires that should be running to your lights to the red wire. Just carefully push the wires into the box and screw the plate to the box.

    Install a Photoelectric Switch | ataldetective.com

    Flip the breaker on and the lights will come on. Depending on your switch they will stay on for a few moments before turning off. Cover the photocell to ensure that they indeed come on when it detects no light.