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It's safe to make the assumption that the answer has to be "maybe," depending on individual circumstances. All relationships need communication in order to last. This is especially true for Internet relationships. In fact, communication is all that some internet couples have, since they are unable to spend time together in-person like traditional couples. The great thing about this, however, is that the couple will quickly determine if they enjoy talking together.

On a normal date, you may be blind to the lack of intellectual and emotional compatibility if you are physically attracted to your partner. When all you can do with each other is talk, you'll know for certain if the two of you share a connection. This creates a communication and emotional base to the relationship that can be lacking from traditional relationships. If the two of you transition from internet to in-person couple, you'll have the potential to be a very emotionally connected couple. Since internet couples often start communicating by e-mail and instant messages, there is a tendency to continue relying on these communication methods.

Writing to each other has its place, but you'll enjoy the relationship more if you use the phone as well. Hearing each other's voice just can't be replaced by typing emoticons. To avoid long distance phone bills or to save your wireless minutes, consider using internet voice technologies. Services such as Vonage or Skype allow you to talk over the Internet using your high-speed connection. You can talk for hours without having to worry about the bill.

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While the phone is an improvement over e-mail and instant messaging, nothing can match spending time together in person. If you haven't met each other yet, begin making plans to do so. Some couples don't consider their relationship official until they verify in-person chemistry. The concept of dating really began at the turn of the 20th century. Prior to the late early s, courtship was a much more private, unemotional affair.

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Women would meet with several men, with her parents present, to whittle the pickings down to the most suitable match for marriage, which heavily relied on factors such as financial and social status. When a young woman decided on a man she wanted to see exclusively, their activities as a couple took place either in the household, or at social gatherings. At that time, there was no such thing as just two young lovers "going out on a date. However, this began to change in the early years of the 20th century, when couples began to go out together in public and unsupervised.

Still, the ultimate and very apparent goal was still that of marriage. This stands in stark contrast to today's dating world, when the topic of marriage may not be brought up for several years. The first decade of the 20th century was marked by the figure of the gentleman caller. If a young man was interested in a young woman, he would follow the proper protocol of calling upon her , which meant that he would come to the family's home and hopefully be welcomed into their parlor. If he was invited back for subsequent visits, he would be free to come and call upon the young woman during hours specified by her parents.

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As the years rolled on into the s, however, this system quickly became outdated and unfavorable. Courtship in Twentieth Century America , "Dating had almost completely replaced the old system of calling by the mids — and, in so doing, had transformed American courtship. This changed the relationship dynamic between a young man and a young woman, as now it was the man's duty to pay for the date, whereas before it was the woman who decided the terms of the visit.

The fundamental difference between courtship and dating is that of freedom. While traditional courtship had its own set of rules and rituals, dating, as it evolved, became less structured. Courtship was seen as a fundamental part of a well-functioning society. When people started dating, relationships became less restricted and more personal. So what instigated this cultural shift? In Jodi O'Brien's book, Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, Volume I , she writes, "Different institutions were becoming more prominent in the lives of young men and women, such as school, college, and workplaces, which exposed them to a large pool of potential dating partners.

As a result, the purpose of dating was primarily to have fun, not to find a marriage partner.

However, couples would form after several dates if they were interested in having more exclusive relationships. With the introduction of dating also came the focus on falling in love, rather than finding a society-approved match. In previous years, love was not seen as being of central importance to a marriage, and if it was to come it would emerge after the wedding had already occurred. But with the introduction of dating came an increased desire for romance and love before deciding to commit to marriage.

This concept, explained in depth in The Oxford Companion to United States History , goes, "By the early nineteenth century, couples began to consider romantic love prerequisite for marriage and based their unions on companionship. The era's fiction frequently drew on love themes, while articles, essays, and public orations stressed mutual respect, reciprocity, and romance as ingredients of good marriages. Young courting couples chose their own partners, and their letters focused on romance rather than on the practical matters that had dominated the correspondence of earlier generations.

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Therefore, it only seems natural that we move on in life instead of mopping our tears. As with everything related to love and romance, rebound relationships need to be analyzed, dissected, and taken apart. Here are a few musings that will help you understand them better. What Are Rebound Relationships? These vulnerabilities, at times, lead them to enter into a relationship even before they have well and truly moved on. When this happens, they try to seek solace in a new companion.

The person entering into a relationship with someone on the rebound, more often than not, gets a raw deal.

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It has been observed that people on the rebound often try to draw parallels between the current flame and the ex. Being on the rebound makes people emotionally susceptible, and the compatibility factor takes a beating.

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Of course, there have been several instances where people have met their soulmate while being on the rebound. Nevertheless, men and women who are just out of a relationship tend to be in a delicate state of mind, and it strongly reflects in their behavior with the new partner. No relationship comes with a guaranteed expiration date of any kind, and a rebound relationship is nothing different. People unjustifiably make a big deal of them, which, to be frank, is very unfair. Getting attracted to someone and falling in love releases the same amount of the feel-good chemical, dopamine, as your brain does not differentiate between a so-called "real" relationship and a rebound one.

So the next time you find yourself drawn to someone immediately after a breakup, leave the skepticism aside, and start afresh. Then there are some who are addicted to the happy-twosome feeling that comes with being in a relationship. Post the split, they keep reaching out for the same feeling of companionship and fall headlong into the rebound trap. Once their head clears up, they try to make sense of their actions, which more often than not ends in a breakup.

Some of us jump into a new relationship only with the sole purpose of making our ex-partner jealous. This tactic does work for some when it comes to winning their ex back, but it leaves out the new person with a despondent feeling of being used. Love triangles, after all, have never been successful.

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