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Se Joo hugs Mi Rae and she looks very torn. He passes by some commotion with people arguing over whether to report something. Shin asks Hee Kyung what the fuss is about and she brushes is aside as just reporters being overwrought as usual. His executives ask him where the funds for this major project is coming from? Se Joo goes to see Miranda to ask for funds for his project not as her grandson but as a businessman.

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Se Joo says it can only be Mi Rae and no one else. He goes to meet her and she asks how he knew she was leaving? Oppa says all her farewell behavior was the clue but why is she still here? Future Mi Rae planned to leave but she discovered something shocking. Oppa gets a clue much faster and says this is the theory of parallel universes. There are many universes that co-exist and there are different versions of each of us in the parallel universes.

Future Mi Rae asks what she did? How can she fix things between Mi Rae and Shin? Oppa tells her to keep this a secret between the two of them since there is nothing future Mi Rae can do now. Mi Rae has finally agreed to hang out with Se Joo. He takes future Mi Rae back to hide from the Time Cop. She does not look the slightest bit happy. Mi Rae gets called to meet with Miranda who acts all nice and friendly. Mi Rae apologizes for not getting dressed beforehand since she was at work. Shin arrives in the broadcast center and sits down at the NTN 9 pm news chair.

He starts the broadcast and everyone is watching, including Mi Rae in her living room. She thinks that he suits that place and is going to be fine from now on. Oppa and future Mi Rae come home and see what she is watching. She gets up and goes to her room. Hee Kyung takes Shin to a gathering of family members all consisting of very powerful people.

Shin asks why she brought him here and Hee Kyung points out the empty chair next to hers which still needs an occupant.

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Hee Kyung is called inside by her dad and Shin steels himself and walks in. Chairman says the family has enough of those types. Shin asks if they picked him to show how Hom Group is very open-minded. The Chairman admits it and says Shin will show the world that he can rise from nothing and become part of an influential family. The Chairman tells Shin that the family door has been opened for him and whether he wants to step across is up to him.

The gathering ends and as the Hom Group family walks out they run into Miranda coming in. Everyone greets each other fake warmly. Miranda says not very well since she raised him for 10 years and he went to their biggest rival. Miranda says she forgot dogs can bite their owners even after being raised for 10 years. Mi Rae is working when she hears other co-workers gossiping about her dating Se Joo and soon to be engaged. She does not look happy.

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Mi Rae goes to meet with Se Joo at the roof and asks him why he spread the news that they are getting engaged? What kind of hell dating experience does Se Joo have that he thinks this kind of talk is rational? Mi Rae keeps looking miserable but Se Joo keeps talking past her and says his grandma has been pushing him to get married anyways. Mi Rae tries to reveal that she talked with Miranda already……but ends up not telling him.

She takes her leave to go back to work. Mi Rae runs into Yoo Kyung in the elevator. That day Yoo Kyung was supposed to go to Jeju for her holiday but she ended up getting into a car accident with Shin. Mi Rae looks sad hearing this but says nothing and Yoo Kyung leaves the elevator. Mi Rae walks back to the team office but stops outside when she hears people gossiping about her and how awkward it is to work together since they have to watch what they say around her.

Mi Rae walks away and runs into Oppa in the hallway. Mi Rae tells Oppa that she wants to go work at the outside production company despite knowing its hard. Mi Rae comes home and sees future Mi Rae and asks if she went away for a few days?

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Future Mi Rae lies and says she never went anywhere. Mi Rae gets a call from Se Joo asking if she can accompany him somewhere tonight. Mi Rae agrees and Se Joo tells her to dress up. Mi Rae dresses up to go out and as she is putting on perfume she flashes back to the night of Christmas dinner when she got dressed up for her date with Shin. She looks sad but then forces a smile. Se Joo asks if she would have said no had she known where they were going?

Hee Kyung and Shin sit at a different table and she talks about how Se Joo is rumored to be marrying Mi Rae soon and tossing all the rich girls aside. Hee Kyung asks her friends if she and Shin look good together and her friends all say yes and she beams. Both Mi Rae and Shin are utterly miserable during this dinner.

Shin takes his leave at the same time Mi Rae excuses himself from the table. Mi Rae walks outside and is surprised to see Shin standing on the balcony already. They notice each other and she walks towards him but stops a few feet away. She congratulates him on becoming the news anchor for NTN. He thanks her and asks how she is doing? Shin is okay and congratulates her on getting engaged soon. Mi Rae grabs the ring on her finger and asks if he met with Hee Kyung that night because he was getting scouted?

Mi Rae takes her leave and the moment Shin is alone he puts his hand over his eyes to stop his tears from falling.

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OMG, this scene is amazing even for a scant few seconds. Mi Rae walks back inside the party and forces a small smile when Se Joo gets up with a beaming smile to greet her. She asks what happened? That is such a relief. Future Mi Rae asks if she saw Shin? After Mi Rae walks inside her room, future Mi Rae grabs her head and asks what she did?

What did she do to Mi Rae?


Mi Rae sits down on her bed and looks at her ring and thinks about Se Joo asking her to get engaged and Miranda telling her to quit her job. She then remembers Shin congratulating her on getting engaged soon. Oppa heads out of the house in the morning with a suitcase and tells both ladies not to call him while he is away.