Dating vintage bulova watches

Ask a watch dealer.

Vintage Bulova Watches

If your watch is damaged so that you cannot see any names or number codes, you may need to seek the assistance of a watch dealer or watch professional at a jewelry store that carries fine watches. An expert should be able to identify the watch by opening the back and examining the interior.

Including Date Codes and Date Symbols

Take a picture of your Bulova watch and post it on a collector's site or forum. Other members and long-time collectors are likely to recognize your watch and provide information. Never open the bezel glass front or back of your watch; always have a professional jeweler do it. Tip Take a picture of your Bulova watch and post it on a collector's site or forum. Warning Never open the bezel glass front or back of your watch; always have a professional jeweler do it.

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How to Identify a Waltham Pocket Watch. How to Identify a Bulova Watch. How to Identify Vintage Pocket Watches. Engineers and scientists were unsure if a mechanical timekeeping device would work properly in zero-gravity, so it was desired to have both the reliability and accuracy of the electronic Accutron movement. More than 4 million Accutron watches were produced until Bulova ceased production in , due to the increased availability and popularity of inexpensive quartz movements from Japanese manufacturers.

Bulova Watch Identification Guide

Most Accutrons were produced as wristwatches, but Bulova also produced an Accutron pocket watch for a brief period in the 's. The Accutron was the first wristwatch certified for general use by railroad personnel and was also used aboard Air Force One. Accutron watches are still quite popular with collectors, but parts are getting harder and harder to find especially those pesky Accutron index wheels.

While the modern Bulova company still produces watches which are sold under the Accutron brand-name, these watches no longer use the original Accutron tuning-fork movement most are using ETA automatic movements.

How to Identify Old Bulova Watches

Bulova has a long history as an important part of the US Space program. Ultimately, the Omega Speedmaster Professional was chosen, but Accutron movements were used in instrument panel clocks and other timing instruments on the spacecraft itself, and in experiment packages left on the surface of the moon.

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Bulova also flew aboard Skylab, providing special timers which were launched aboard Skylab in To the best of our knowledge, the Bulova brand is currently owned by Citizen who still produces watches under the Bulova name. These watches have no connection other than brand name to the mechanical watches produced by the original Bulova watch company.

In , Bulova started using a system of date "symbols" on their movements. These date symbols can be used to date pre Bulova watches. Though some Bulova watches have serial numbers on the movements, we do not know of a way to date a Bulova watch using the serial number.

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After , Bulova used a 2-digit date-code which was stamped on the case back usually near the serial number and sometimes also on the movement usually near the set-screw. Image Renaissance Digital Media. Goddard Gruen Hamilton Hampden E. Classic Bulova with two-tone dial, ca.

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Determine the Age of Your Bulova Watch: Table of Bulova Date Symbols: Year Date Symbol Year Date Symbol 46 47 48 J9. Table of Bulova Date Codes: The first digit indicates the decade and the second indicates the year.