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Dupont Lighter Discussion in ' Silver ' started by vitry-le-francois , Mar 4, Any idea when this Dupont lighter was made? Is it silver or some other metal? Mine is like that but the smaller variety. The serial number should give you an approximate date.

Dupont Lighter

There are a bevy of S. T Dupont lighter fakes out there. It seems the only true way to tell if one is a fake is the look of the Serial numbers. The numbers should not be aligned. Each number is hand stamped separately. Somewhere I read that if one calls Dupont and give them the serial number, they will tell you if it is real or fake. No one seems to know of an online site of Dupont serial numbers for dating purposes. From what I can see of your serial numbers, they don't look perfectly align and definitely not evenly spaced - the real deal.

I'd never even heard of this maker. I plan on selling it and just want to be as informed as possible. But on a serious note, it is going to be hard to determine much about it. Dupont is not known for keeping great records, especially not of their regular production lines. If you can take off that fuel cap and have a look underneath, there should be a colored dot.

Most not all fakes do not thave this colored dot. Once you see the dot it will help you in narrowing your search. Thanks Wayner, Here are a few pics of the cap removed.

I don't see any color on the inside. I can't really tell from the pics, but is this a gold lighter? If so, I am going to go out on a limb and say it's real based on a few things: The stamping of the letters is a bit crooked as it should be for a vintage Linge 1.

ST Dupont Fake Lighter Guide Line 2

Vintage Ligne 1 Dupont's are rarely if ever faked 3. I have never seen a slotted fuel cap on a fake However, for resale value it's going to be very low. You don't have any papers or boxes with it. And since it's a combo laquer and gold I am assuming gold and not full gold, it's weight in gold value is decreased. It also looks as if it has been used pretty well. Thanks, everyone for your interest.

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The lighter is gold in color with black inlay but It isn't marked with any metal content such as K karat. I'm assuming it is plated if any real gold at all. You think the gold parts could be solid even though it isn't marked? I've seen some that were real gold but they were marked at the bottom of one of the narrow sides. I don't know if it works or not as I dont have fuel.

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I does also need a flint. I figured out how to open the flint chamber but I don't have a flint either. Any way to test it without fuel? It feels pretty hefty weight-wise. It certainly is a well made piece. I have an acid gold testing kit but I'm afraid to put any directly on the surface and risk any damage.

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Dupont Ligne have an honor for exceptional Haute Cration Limited Production Lighter.

I have several Dunhills, a Cartier and my DuPont. Just keep an eye on it if you take it to a cigar dinner. Sure beats a Bic. Little bit of a revival but I am looking for info on Duponts as well.. Originally Posted by rodrob Have a ligne 2, love that pling sound on opening. I am a full time cigar smoker and I love Rolexes and Duponts.

I have 7 ligne2s and 2 Gatsby. Both of these series will give a ping sound when you open the lid.

There is no need to buy special Dupont lighter fluid. Again I have 7 Ligne2s and 2 Gatsbys so dont anyone argue with me on this. Originally Posted by Throttle. I will bow to your expertise. Which brand or brands have the right adapter, and can you describe the correct one to use? I'm sick of buying those little gold canisters. My cigar shop is quitting bussiness. I just bought myself a silver Ligne 2 Kling!! When you screw of the refil cap look in it , this signs the color of the refill. I wouldn't use something else then Dupont refills , though the valve can be exchanged for about 55 euro's Jack.

Originally Posted by Jackxv. Very Nice and I have quite a few. My preferance is the Line 2. Gas can be had at a slight discount if you buy a sleeve of Have had no issues with mine but my daily user is the Dupont Ex-Tend. Best lighter for the money made in my opinion. Originally Posted by 1William. How about euro? For the , 2 refills and a pack of flints. Offourse at Dupont AD with 2 year full warranty.