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And it may be no rougher here than other places. As one respondent put it: Some may fare better than others. Worried that others might covet his beautiful maiden, the young warrior stashed her away in a water-locked rocky prison. While he was off at battle, the sea rose up and before he could rescue her, his captive concubine drowned.

Consumed with grief, the warrior leaped from the top of the now-famous rock and, according to some versions, transformed into a shark. You know, just your average relationship.

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Killer Cosmetics Want to get really freaked out the next time you apply makeup or slather on sunscreen? Read this story By Sharon Guynup. You have a big night out planned. You jump in the shower, soap up and shampoo.

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Dry off, roll on deodorant, spray perfume or cologne. Guys, lather up and shave.

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  • You smell good, look good and exude a clean, healthy glow. Naturally, we assume our government has tested and approved any personal care product that can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstreams, right? In fact, the U. The disturbing news is that manufacturers can put essentially anything they please into those tubes and bottles, and are exposing us to substances known or suspected to be gender-bending, cancer-causing or otherwise harmful. For example, your luscious red lipstick may contain lead, which brightens the color and keeps it on your lips longer.

    But when you eat or lick your lips, you ingest that lipstick—about four pounds worth over a lifetime, says Glamour magazine. Lead may also be found in your sunscreen look out, Maui , foundation makeup or whitening toothpaste. Lead accumulates in the body over time, and may disrupt fertility, trigger miscarriages or seep from mother to unborn child, causing brain damage. According to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group EWG , just 11 percent of the approximately 10, chemicals used in personal care products have ever been safety tested—and those were assessed by the fox-guarding-the-henhouse Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel, funded by manufacturers.

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    In 30 years, that group has identified just nine unsafe ingredients. In , the EU Cosmetics Directive outlawed the use of 1, chemicals in cosmetics suspected of causing cancer, genetic mutations, or birth defects. Our government also fails to protect us through labeling. While companies are required to list ingredients, there are no labeling standards.

    Scientists know with certainty that some toxic ingredients should be avoided. Foremost are parabens, which disrupt hormone, immune and brain function and are linked to cancer. But they are widely used by manufacturers as preservatives—pesticides that allow us to leave shampoo in the shower for years without growing bacteria or fungus.

    They are used in so many products that researchers have found traces in nearly all urine samples taken from American adults. But many of the most dangerous components of your shaving cream, hair dye, or deodorant are not even listed on the label. Since fragrance is considered a trade secret, companies are exempted from revealing the innumerable synthetic compounds brewed into their products.

    What scientists also find alarming is that little is known about how chemicals in personal care products accumulate or interact inside the body, or how exposure in-utero or in childhood impacts health. Related stories by this author. This Week in Food and Travel: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent most of her campaign waiting tables Nov.

    CBD is more than the next great wellness trend Nov.

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    Will CBD make you feel the same as regular marijuana? Most recent Hotel, hostel or airbnb? How to choose the right lodging option for you. Six places to visit that are actually more fun in the winter. What happens if you lose your passport abroad?

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