M4a3e2 matchmaking

Oh my God I just noticed it's 4.

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What the hell Gaijin? Originally posted by Cpt. Last edited by Katokevin ; 17 Feb, Rumpelcrutchskin View Profile View Posts. Only difference is that now it's actually useful and lot more people started using it again instead of avoiding it like plague. What have you done Gaijin?

If you spawncamp, i hope you go to hell. All I see here is a vape stream but ultimately the sherman is difficult to balance it has a crappy gun but a lot of armor, but at the same time if you can't defeat it frontally with even the best of tanks how is it fair?

M4a3e2 matchmaking

This is a fact in 4. I will get the M faster and won't have to spend any gold on free xp. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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However, as for your armor just because the stats state for the armor on the frontal, it definatly does not mean that entire front has mm of armor. That just means at one tiny point on your tank it has that armor. I mean the kv3 was the most armored tier 6, and the armor wasn't and isn't sloped at all. Also if your saying that you barely make money with your t I can make money with tier 8 heavies easy without premium.

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Your saying you can't make money with a tier 7 medium can't make money? Vaneimort 13 Posted May 26 - Vaneimort 15 Posted May 26 - For once i am stumped lol. Legiondude 16 Posted May 26 - Hoss 17 Posted May 26 - I didn't play E2, I opted for Easy 8.

It's an good tank, I had some fun games in it and my winrate wasn't horrible. In itself, a really fun tank to drive, maneuverable, good speed, and a good gun for its tier.

M4a3e2 matchmaking

If MM would just top-tier the thing as often as it puts Tier 5 at top, probably would've kept it. As it is, I sold it the second I researched T20 which in fact was earlier tonight. I think this is one of the lousy things about the MM structure. If they could see competitive matches more often, they'd keep and play these vehicles. But as it is Doesn't have anything to do with skill, stats, winrate, etc.

One can be good in a tank and meet success Tier 6 seems to get the shaft quite often my the match maker. The rest of the time it is fodder for the crowd. JWcorsair 20 Posted May 26 - I hear what you are saying about the credit making and MM I am teir 10 battles all the time on my JP. The reality is the devs want people to buy gold to get the premium accounts and want you to get Premium tanks. They nerfed the credit making so this will happen. Sign In Email address: TishLover Dec 04