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First Name Optional, but nice to know! Last Name Optional, but nice to know! We will publish the event within a week in sha Allah. The objective of UKIslamicEvents. First, just go to our homepage. You can filter using "Categories" or "Tags". We also have a number of calendar viewing options - select one from the button at the top right of the calendar. Yes, just click here. Subscribe Submit Events Faq Contact. Muslim Community Events List Islamic knowledge, marriage, sports, retreats, trips and more - don't miss out!

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Muslim Marriage Event

Comes complete with tweed on the night. You know who you are. Fed up at how useless men are. Fed up at being at these events.

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But will still be at the next one. This is their first marriage event. They are super keen and super diligent and are not yet immune to the smooth lyrics sometimes used by some of the gents. These are the ladies who have been to so many events, that when someone interesting comes along, their conversation seems tired.

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Even when the guy means well. And sometimes come wearing too much, or not enough. Finally lets not forget. Who increasingly seem to be single themselves.

Snapshots of British Islam (3): Halal dating in London #ANTHROISLAM

How does that work???? And I guess that what makes them interesting! But, my only advice, is to go with good intentions and genuinely make the effort to help yourself. This marriage game can be tough!

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So LIKE our site to find out more when we announce it! Not sure how I even stumbled across this …. And how they seem to be single ….

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Characters you meet at Muslim Marriage Events January 2, By Anonymous Many of us may have had the mis? The seasoned pro This is the guy who has been to loads of these before — the guy who comes looking sharp, scopes the room out and had a hitlist of who he wants to talk to and see. The flexible guy This is the guy who is open to anyone and everything. The floater This is the guy who is finding these events are beginning to hurt his wallet.. The sincere guy Yes — this is one of the good guys — the guys who have actually thought about what they want in a partner, and come to the event sincerely talking to people he feels meets that criteria.

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The Original Rude Boy The guy who forgets its a marriage event, and comes dressed like hes going to a rave. The country guy The guy who thinks he lives in the countryside with mamma and papa and goes fox hunting on the weekend.