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And even then, any relationship requires constant nuturing to maintain a strong connection. If you're worried about how compatible you and your partner are, our quiz can help.

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You are here Home Relationship help Help with relationships Feeling unsatisfied in your relationship Quiz: Are you and your partner compatible? As a couple, would you say that you share a common vision for your future?

Quiz: Are you and your partner compatible?

We frequently talk about our future goals together. If someone asked you how compatible you were as a couple, what would you say?

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How do your political views match those of your partner? It makes a great bedfellow, and can be done over time. You might only use it for self-evaluation and your own decision-making, to get a better sense of where you stand or what you want to talk about with a partner without sharing it or having them fill it out for themselves.

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This is a lot of very personal information for anyone to give or ask for. Your answers to this list may, and probably will, change over time: We included a code for fantasy. No, I'm not into it. Yes, I loved it. No, but I would consider letting someone do it.

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No oral sex at all. No, but I would consider it.

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Yes, but I don't want to do it again. Yes, and I loved it. Three of same sex.

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I would never do a threesome. Two guys, one girl. Two girls, one guy. No, it's not my thing. I already did, and I want to do it again!

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I already did, but I didn't like it. Yes, I love it. No, but I would like to try it. I've been spanked, but I don't want to be again.