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D Otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten that far. Being overweight comes in different shapes as well Beyonce's booty lol.

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I think I'm done dating over-weight girls. I've dated two or three, and they're always so insecure and mistrusting that I end up breaking up with them. I'm tired of having my motives questioned. I'm tired of walking on egg-shells around insecurities I do nothing by try to sooth. I'm tired of being treated like garbage. Over-weight girls are very unappreciative and hostile beings in my experience. No desire to date that. Keep up the good Work an do it, for yourself.

If you do things just for the Opposite Sex request. Than you might end up having regrets. I would never do it for anyone BUT myself. I agree with you and I'd even go as far as to say that IF I had done it for the guys I would not have come this far. Thanks for the encouragement and words of advice. First of all, congrats on the accomplishment! Secondly, no chance I would date a fat chick.

I realize that you should look at what's on the inside but no matter what, I still have to bring a girl home that won't make my parents laugh at me. To be honest even if I really liked your personality, I couldn't date you. Attraction is what separates a friend from a potential lover. We could be great friends but I couldn't date. I wouldn't mind, I work out often but even I have body fat, and to me, a girl who has the right attitude, and a nice personality would make you blind to what's skin deep, she would demand you looked deeper and found what she was all about, and by then, you really wouldn't care how big she was, youve seen enough to want to know more already,x.

Even though I'm still overweight I have the drive and motivation to live healthy and to do something about my weight issue. I just wonder if guys notice the difference between an overweight girl that doesn't really care about losing weight and an overweight girl that's trying to change things or already IS living healthier, working to lose the weight. Thank you so much. You are absolutely right. Friends and fam who tell me what I don't always see myself. Also remember, you girls are often harsh on yourselves, and often, what you regard as fat or over weight, guys often regard as perfect, and with the support you express, your going to get quite a few comments on how good you look, good luck,x.

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First off a huge congratulations on the weight loss! That's awesome I'm sure it feels great. And I have to say I absolutely would go for it because I am going for it now. While my girlfriend is not huge, by BMI scales she is overweight and I think she is beautiful. And pretty much everyone agrees with me.

I could go on about her but that's not what this question is asking lol. A pretty face is way more important at the end of the day than a nice body.

Overweight and dating; the truth can be harsh

But that's never an excuse to not be healthy. Of course stay healthy and try to get to the healthiest weight you can. Your confidence will only grow: I will definitely keep it going.

Do you lift weights?

Really nice to hear about your girlfriend. All the best to the both of you.

Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?

Honestly, I don't think I would. I mean I'm simply not attracted to overweight women because I'm a slight fitness freak. Once the weight is lost or at least a large amount of it was lost then id become more and more interested. I'm not exactly proud of it, but I am very superficial when it comes to starting a relationship with personality coming after. By the way, congratulations on the progress.

At your weight I wouldn't call you fat, 'chubby' would probably be the word of choice. Which is certainly better.

Guys: What's your opinion on dating overweight girls?

Best of wishes for the rest of yoyr journey, I hope you reach your goals. Just make sure not to overreach and lose too much, its not a good look. Problem is that most guys into health and fitness are NOT into overweight girls. It's just all kinds of frustrating let me tell you. You don't need to apologize for your preferences. It's just the way it is. Makes no sense to try and date someone you really are not attracted to.

It's silly, but I'm reaaaaally excited about getting closer and closer to average weight lol. Christmas every day err pound lost haha. Its not silly at all. Its a goal you set yourself and you're understandably excited. Im sure a marathon runner gets excited when they see the finish line. I'm definitely seeing the finish line as well. Finish lines are awesome. Let your body re-adjust to doing nothing then smash it. Ie; sprinting instead of jogging, swimming instead of rowing, skipping rope instead of cycling. I went with 2 and it worked perfectly. No change scale-wise for a while but I toned up and there's a change in measurements.

The last week I made up for the stagnation though and lost weight. Two good tricep exercises I love are skull crushers can be done with a EZ bar or dumbells and dips Im assuming you know how to do dips so here are skull crushers link. I feel proud to have almost watched your progress, all that I have left to say now is don't overshoot and become unhealthily thin.

Sticking to the plan. In your current form and weight, I might get attracted to you if I got to know you better of course and you were awesome to hang out with and have a good personality. I'm 5'7 and weigh 74kg, I don't think I would be attracted to you if you weighed more then 20 - 40 kg more then me. Your ideal weight being 5'2 would be like 55 kg I think. Of course I have a super awesome personality.

Personally I wouldn't date a girl who is overweight. I'm a fitness freak and our lifestyles would clash. I would however encourage her to live healthier and get her weight healthy. It's as much as a health problem as it is an attraction problem for me.

You cannot force attraction obviously, but as for the lifestyles clashing So aside from his personality what I'd look for in a boyfriend is someone just as interested in health and fitness. And that's the problem. Guys into that like you are not attracted to overweight girls even if they're working on it. It is an insecure act and it is foolish. Can you fake an attraction? I don't think so.

I DO think that the overweight girl can choose to overlook the fact that the guy is NOT attracted to her even though he tells her he is. I couldn't do that. But when I say "would you date an overweight girl" I mean "could you be attracted to an overweight girl".

guys- would you date overweight girls? - The Student Room

Being the overweight girl that I am I would never ever want a guy to pretend. I'd prefer for him to tell me how it is; even if it's "sorry. Yeah, that's what I said. Except that there are skinny good looking girls that also don't care if the guy is lying, so is not an overweight girls exclusive. I would date an overweight girl, if I found her attractive otherwise and she had an interesting loveable personality.

I like a girl with curves I won't lie.