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This, combined with the invention of printing by William Caxton in , helped spread the knowledge and fashion of oak panelling in the Renaissance movement from Italy through western Europe to Britain. During the Tudor period the number of country estates and manor houses increased dramatically, not just built by the nobility but also by smaller land owners and prosperous merchants. With peace more or less established, homes became about comfort, not fortification, and early Tudor homes represented the first vernacular style of house building in this country.

The type of panelling in this period comprised of thin boards let into grooves in solid timber uprights and cross members.

Timber wall panelling

The boards were generally of oak, measuring no more than 24 inches square and split as thin as possible. Carved decoration was popular; early in the 16th century a linenfold pattern was fashionable. The new nobility many of which had profited from the dissolution of the monasteries, continued their house-building on a scale of increasing magnificence. Although national building traditions were too deeply rooted suddenly to be discarded, a departure from medieval methods was inevitable and a distinctive character was imparted to the early oak panelling design in Renaissance architecture of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods.

This direct influence from Italy was short lived.

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In their place came craftsmen from Germany and the Low Countries. John Thorpe, Robert Huntingdon Smithson and Thomas Holt were English oak wall panelling designers whose names are associated with the greater Elizabethan and Jacobean houses.

Tudor Artisans : Tudor Library & Tudor Paneling

Elaboration of oak panelling details had seldom been carried further than in Elizabethan and Jacobean houses, and gateways, balustrades and even rain-water heads were singled out for display. The 16th century established its own standard of stateliness and dignity, as well as of comfort and it required that walls, fireplaces, ceilings and staircases should be ornately treated. Quarter sawn oak construction. Many other salvaged, furniture parts listed.

Classic, spoon carved, Eastlake details. Mostly quarter sawn oak construction.

Besides being a very collectable, heavy, wooden oak circular panel with the intricate carving of the head of Christ, portrayed wearing the crown of thorns, dating from the mid 19th This is a very nice antique drape carved oak panel, it was cut from a larger piece.

Most are quarter sawn oak construction. Many other architectural pieces listed. Matching set of 4 antique, furniture pieces. Part- Circa antique oak carving, carved panel, probably French, hand-carved floral drape thru scrolled leaves, shell, likely a chair back originally?


Matching pair of gothic, church panels. Circa s with spoon carved, Eastlake design. High quality architectural salvage. Thick, solid, quarter sawn oak construction. Excellent collectible 19thc oak panel. Very ornate carved detail. We've learned that one distinctive Antique will make the rest of the room seem more important. This finely carved panel is from France and dates to the late 's. It is is nicely carved from oak with good detail and finished to a warm dark color. It is in very good antique condition with only These finely carved panels are from France and date to the early 's.

Each panel is nicely carved from oak with good detail and finished to a warm medium color. They are in very good antique condit Matching pair of quarter sawn oak, Victorian panels. Many other salvaged architectural antiques listed.

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This is a nice solid carved oak panel could have been in a piece of furniture or a wooden bix lid. This Gothic oak panel with elaborate carvings is from France and it dates from the early 's.

Carved Oak Panels

These Neo Gothic oak panels with carvings are from France and date to the early 's. They are nicely carved with good detail and finished to a warm light color. They are in very good condition with This page was last updated: Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.