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Starbucks is a customer service theatre. These are 15 crazy rules Starbucks baristas are forced to follow, some official and some secret. Which ones do you think are the most surprising? Baristas are actually forced to smile on the job like North Korean kindergarteners performing for international media.

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The rule is outlined in employee handbook — Every step of excellent customer service must be provided with a smile! Being called out for not smiling is common point of criticism, or coaching, delivered by visiting higher-ups and even some customers. While studies show that smiling actually does little to increase store profits, Starbucks firmly believe that enforced smiling is directly tied to sales.

This can be very difficult to maintain when the store is super busy and the work environment is stressful. This means that anything a customer asks for — within reason — can be done, and Starbucks really stretches the limit of reason. This can create situations where customers take advantage of baristas and put them in awkward positions.

A tall white chocolate mocha with 9 scoops of matcha steamed into the milk? Even the dumbest, most disgusting drinks can be made, and this is what allows the controversial secret menu to exist. Employees are given an assignment or position, briefed, and made to stay there during most of their shift.

Some baristas wear timers on their aprons that let them know when to move around. When this rule began to be enforced, some store managers had employees stand on crates to remind them of where to stay. Some lined the floors with tape. This rule is often criticized by employees because it creates disparity, is extremely tedious, boring, and repeating the same action over and over for hours is physically strenuous.

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More and more stores stay open on Christmas. This means going to Christmas dinner with hair that smells like coffee, or rolling into work on New Years extremely hungover. These days can be extremely busy because nowhere else is open. Getting out of working one of these days can result in penalization or write-ups.

If one or two people go away for the holidays, getting these days off can be impossible, forcing people to spend Christmas day away from their families serving the public.

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For people who live far away from their families, this can be a very difficult time of year. If you go to Starbucks on Christmas, be extra nice to the staff! On paper, sick employees are not allowed to work because they pose a danger to customers. In practice, managers and supervisors often pressure their employees to show up for their shifts despite their illness.

This fosters an environment where people are actually proud of never missing work because of being sick, which is actually super weird. Like wtf, go home! Employees can be reprimanded for calling in sick, and their relationship with the manager can influence how many shifts they get. Most people just come into work anyway.

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Customers get a taste of this when they order their drinks. Partners are assigned an employee number which tells each other when the person was hired, and a lot can be inferred from this information. Using these words that only partners understand creates a sense of solidarity and bonding, a subtle psychological tool the company uses for this exact purpose.

You will never go into a Starbucks, tick the wrong person off, and end up with spit in your drink. A Starbucks employee would never do that. There is no way for the customer to tell if the barista pulled a fast one. The taste is pretty much identical, and any nuance in flavour is probably hidden by flavours or copious amounts of milk. While extremely passive aggressive, this is common practice across the board,. But neither is being condescending to the baristas. It was about the success of Starbucks following the recession.

Every single employee was given a copy — for FREE!

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Did anybody read it? I know I'm supposed to tell my manager. And I know that means that one of us will be transferred. And I know that if a transfer is not possible, we'll be fired.

Insanely Strict Rules Starbucks Baristas Have To Follow

So what I'm wondering is The store manager isn't really fond of either of us. My partner in crime wants to tell the staff and try to keep it from the manager. I don't think that'll work. We could try to keep it completely under wraps again, but ya know.. I've heard of other partners at other stores dating in the open as long as they don't bring any drama to work.

But again, I don't know if the store manager likes us enough to agree to that. Has anyone been here before?!? Any store managers want to offer any tips? Log in No account? The Livejournal Baristas Community. I am a shift. I have a feeling that my SM has some kind of idea. He at least knows that we like each other. But we're really not scheduled together much as it is I have 2 partners at my store who are dating, and I don't have a problem with it.

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  6. Dating coworkers. What is the rule? : starbucks!
  7. They are completly professional on the floor, don't pull the lovey dovey crap--in fact, if you watched them working, you'd never know that they had any more of a relationship than the rest of the partners. I also have a barista who is infatuated with one of my Shifts. THAT has become a problem because a. To a military cop. He's a great barista, but I've had to look into transferring him. I think as long as you guys are the same rank i.