What to text after a drunken hookup

We texted the next day, convo went like this: You make it home ok?

How to proceed w/ girl I like after drunk hookup

Just showered and took advil so I feel better but my neck is destroyed. Well my back isn't looking any better. At least your back gets covered by clothes. Mine are harder to hide. Me It should clear up in a couple days..

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Hahaha yeah exactly Me: I'm mad at you for keeping me up all night, work is miserable right now Her: I actually just took a greattttt nap for about 3 hours Me: I think you owe me banana pancakes now dem inside jokes Her: I told you that you have to EARN pancakes. They're not just for everyone. Fair enough, I think I can do that I wanna hang out with her again for 2 reasons, obviously to fuk her when I'm sober so I can actually get up, and to get to know her better because so far she seems like a really cool chick.

Should I try to hang out with her ASAP, just text her, or ignore until this weekend roles around and try to hang out then? I was gonna text her now and see if she was down for a movie tonight because I'd rather hang out sooner so that spark doesn't die down but I figured I'd get the miscs opinion first. NC until the weekend homie. Originally Posted by GoBig That's all there is to it.

Originally Posted by StevieY. Play it cool bro. Only text if you have something funny or worthwhile to say. If she's interested, she's interested. The prominence of texting in our daily lives has added a new layer to all types of relationships, especially our romantic ones.

The huge problem with texting, however, is who really knows the dos and don'ts of the texting game? While many people poke fun when we over-analyze texts we receive or put too much thought into the ones we send, David Coleman, a. Because once they hit send, they can never recall it or take it back. To help you navigate the mysterious unwritten laws of post-event texts, we got some expert advice about the perfect thing to write for the five biggest new relationship scenarios.

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Laurel House, Screwing the Rules and No-Games Guide to Love relationship expert and dating coach, advises this hypothetical text which obviously you'd personalize:. Your upcoming trip to Bali sounds like a blast!

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Before you go out there and get caffeinated by arguably the best coffee on Earth, I would love to see you again. Across the board, the experts agree that a post-great date text needs to accomplish three things: Show gratitude for the date, recall a happy memory from the date and then be transparent about wanting to go out again.

9 Signs He ONLY Wants to Hook Up

This text accomplishes this by opening with a sincere "thank you" for the date. However, House also points out that, "Men are just as insecure as women and get nervous about asking us out if they aren't sure that we will accept. Don't make him sweat it. Let him know you're interested. Dealing with the consequences of our drunken actions is always unpleasant.

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However, we must take responsibility for them. While you have to acknowledge that the kiss was a mistake, you also don't want to completely blame it on the alcohol. I hope last night's make out session won't affect that. Being blatantly honest is difficult, but "it's not cool to let somebody wonder whether or not you're into him," Casamento adds.

One of those When Harry Met Sally moments will rock anyone's boat. This scenario is probably the one with the least black and white answers simply because this situation is so circumstantial. Depending on the background of you and this guy friend, this kiss could mean everything or nothing at all.

A Guide to Getting a Guy to Text You the Morning After, By America’s Favorite Sorority Girl

If you kiss a good guy friend, "your relationship could get funky," admits Casamento. The best way to navigate this awkward time is to open a safe space for honest communication. And the only way you'll get the honesty is ask! Casamento advises "an open-ended text.