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Some of us are in great pain, others have gone past the decision point and are here to offer support and advice from the depth of their experiences. Whether you are in an extramarital relationship that is so far only an emotional affair or also a physical affair, a long distance relationship or an internet infidelity affair, you're likely to find someone among us who has been there too.

True Support for the Married Man/Woman / Other Man/Woman

That's why we're here. We'll share our opinions and our experiences - but in the end, the decision rests solely with you. Last edited by LoveShack. TaraMaiden I think her point is she is confused and looking for support? She is hurting and trying to work things through in her head. Sylky, the original poster, it looks like you fall into the group of "I believed what he said because I'm a decent person and I don't automatically think everyone lies"He may not be consciously lying to you but rather to himself,but what I do think is that a lot of these married men seem rather weak.

They are so afraid of change or to take those changes that they stay where they are and they stay in affairs at the same time. Or maybe they are selfish as you will read a lot of posters saying, I am not sure. You will get some good advice here but be prepared to grow a very thick skin because some of it will not be said nicely. Many betrayed wives post on this board giving advice as well. Some of it is just that advice and some is excellent and then there are some that seems more cathartic for themselves than an effort to help someone.

You need to take care of you right now. You should be looking at what is best for you and telling him to do the same. If he is leaving, why not leave and call you when he's done so? In the meantime you can work on doing the things you want to do first and if he's available later, then you are in a good place to share those things with him.

5 signs married man is falling in love with you

Originally Posted by Anywhere. Originally Posted by stillafool. I'm not a BS but when you post on an open forum about willingly dating a MM and aiding in destroying a home expect people to be just as callous with you as you have been to someone else.

In love with a married man.

There are forums that have cheaters who support other cheaters. OP has clearly stated that she is aware of her wrong doing but it doesn't matter. I agree with TaraMaiden, what's her point? I didn't say anyone should tell her what she's doing is a good idea, it's obviously not. The point is she needs to work it out. Isn't that what the point is? Tara, I always appreciate your cut-to-the-chase responses, but here I think the OP saying her head and her heart are telling her different things is a clear sign of inner conflict and whether she explicitly verbalizes a need for help in addressing this inner conflict or not, it is implicitly there in her post.

She obviously is trying hard to look at all the signs pointing in one direction, missing the other direction. This excuse of the BW moving the children is so common in affairs where children are involved, and yet she says he is in the state of New York, where the courts have a strong focus on joint custody and would need to be convinced that such a move was in the best interest of the children.

Of course with a father with two young children at home and a job, yet who devotes time to a lengthy, secret A - maybe he is in doubt about what his role is with respect to the best interests of his children. What is going on right now is not in the best interests of the children, of the BW, of you, Sylky, or even of MM in the longer term - although it probably is serving the interest of a selfish man who wants both the appearances of a family life with young children and another woman on the side.

I have been dating this guy for about three months. So on this day I was very determined to get an answer to this question. Dee are you married? His answer was yes,then came the BUT!!

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Am I wrong for staying in this relationship? He opens doors always takes me out.

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Calls two maybe three times a day and he text most of the day when he can. How long did it take for him to admit to you he was married. And Dont care about his reaction, whatever it is, stick to your decision. How do you know what he says is even true? I was cheated on and it sucks. Yes our marriage was a mess, but I was always faithful.. Also bugs me that he was shady about it..

I agree with Raven.. I confronted him again…tried to lie but I guess his conscience finally caught up with him and he told me he was actually still married.. Now 8 months into this thing, still no divorce. Can you say reality check?!? Needless to say I chewed him a new one and sent him packing.

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I hope he reconciles with his wife. He was all talk and no action. If my situation can help one person then it was worth it. I am a widow and a married man courted me. I eventually fall in love with him but I took final decision to end it by cutting communications before things gets worse. It is not what I want in life. It caused much emotional pressure. It is enough reason for me to leave.

It was not easy. There were steps I took in moving on process. Give yourself time to grieve if you leave. It seem to me u have eventually invested emotionally.