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While being passionate is a plus, being too passionate or hung up on an issue is a turn off. If you are still whining about the presidential election that did not go your way three years after the election, this could be a turn off. Faithfulness, dependability, kindness and moral integrity, are top traits a woman looks for in a man and while the dark and mysterious, tough guy who is a little dangerous, may be highly attractive to women, it is the rare female who is not viewing a man she dates as a potential mate and father who will be able to support and provide for the family by guiding them with wisdom and love.

While being sharp dressed, having a nice physique and good smile may attract females, more innate qualities like caring, sharing, humor and responsibility will help to keep them! There is also nothing wrong with being single. Having a mate does not necessarily make you a better human being and it is better to be friends with women than marry one that ends up making your life miserable expecting you to be all the things you are not and blaming you for their unhappiness. Women have different preferences for men, but the more genuine and comfortable you are with yourself and with others, the greater your chances of meeting someone who will find you attractive.

Don't try too hard to be Mr.

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Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm of African origin having stayed in the UK for years but I totally agree mostly with comment by whitewomen9. A lot is agreeable in this article however everyone is different and what they like in a partner may differ to someone else substantially.

I feel like this could upset some men too because not everyone is up to all of these standards. My partner is dark haired, tanned and tall, I like that but it's not the real reason I am with him. He is loving and funny, that's what makes it. He also plays video games and has a lot of screen time but I don't care. I'm sure many women agree that a manly man is a turn on but they don't have to be that way in every aspect of life to be a good partner.

There's a fine line between sensitive manly and douchebag doesn't care manly. The latter isn't a good match for anyone. Oh i'm sure you can say your irish western europeans practically all are a little bit and you did a jig once or went to ireland once on who's dime?

I can say without a doubt that alot of western women are racist toward their own race.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome? Challenging your assumptions in Dating

To be noticed by a 7 out of 10 or higher white woman. You have to be a 7. If I'm white and your a white woman then i have to unfairly be above average height with well above average looks. I get that it is part of the human condition to be greedy, and have needs, but western women show no loyalty, care only for lust and status. If this wasn't true then why do western women promote and watch Kim Kardashian, I surely don't.

I admit it is mostly only average looking or lower white women that date outside their race. But lust isn't what got the Western Civilization to dominate all other cultures, infact, thats what made all other cultures fail so miserably for so many centuries while western europe made so much progress and the USA. No it wasn't resources, we didn't have more resources until the United States.

It wasn't women who allowed that as you didn't even have the right to vote yet as you so love to point out. Infact Lincoln was not a white woman, but a white MAN. It was the passion for life and LOVE, and the willingness to die for liberty, rational search for the truth as well as the idea that being masculine and being a man and being flawed and not beautiful like a woman was ok and accepted. That is why western culture was white men! Let me be clear, women's lack of morals and love of lust are the reason that so many men have turned to steroid abuse yes most of those blacks you think are so superior are on steroids, i have worked with athletes my whole life.

Yet no blackman has ever been accused of or done steriods because to do so is racism. But let me continue, drinking, drugs, suicide, etc etc, all due to white women sleeping only with those of higher status disproportionately and partially due to birth control or men of different racial background. While your average looking white male or rich man until you divorce him for his money , men like your fathers, that you so pretend to love or care about.

Are simply ignored, looked down upon, even hated on and spitted on while he supports your phone bills, your raising, your schooling etc etc etc etc etc.. Unless he hates himself too and he becomes feminine and demasculinized Kaitlyn Jenner , then he is a hero. However, if you look at couples from other races and cultures, their women don't' look at every handsome man that walks by, they don't lust over every other race than their own. I've watched, observed, even tested this and it is true in the USA. I would go as far as to say that FEMALE swingers in the USA from races other than white and that are married to people of their own race, are probably almost completely non existent.

Remember that story about those teenage girls who all got pregnant by a homeless man. But please, continue to tell us how if we can change our skin color to be darker so that you might like us Yeah i bought into all those Rom Coms all the bullshit and finally i realized that you are racists, bigots, unloving life sucking, money grubbing, leeches who don't even take good care of yourselves let alone your children and god forbid your man in any way. But then you pretend to love your dad on father's day while he spends his entire life savings for you to go college and then, france or Ireland.

What Attracts a Woman to a Man

All men and women were not created equal, children made from lust are not equal to children made from love not lust for higher status, or for more money or big muscles. But yet we aren't allowed to say that right? Freedom of speech is now hate speech right if it comes form a white man or speaks the truth perhaps? I never said you can't love someone from another race genuinely, but we all know that isn't what is going on. Interracial marriage between blackmen and white women are more likely to divorce than all other couples.

Statistically proven over long periods of time. Take your tips and shove them! The 21st century woman is not a Scarlett O'Hara.

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  • She is an independent woman in her own right likes men who can respect her and treat her equally. Best thing I've read in a long time. I've been single since my divorce in At this point in my life I concentrate on my health, my home, my family and my friends. It would have been nice to have a women in my life and it's kinda sad I'll never be a dad but such is life. I've never been good at dating, I literally couldn't get a date to save my life. With all do respect,it's time to debunk this myth already,there is absolutely no evidence of a "evolutionary preference"to "tall dark and handsome",this is nothing but an urban myth that originated in France in the 19th century and metastasized to America,but in reality,peoples preference in coloring and other features of body and face are governed by the aesthetic taste of the individual,as the saying goes "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".

    Actually there are lots of benefits to being darker. I'll just give you one. The Sun gives life to every organism it shines on. It's why we'really all here today. Dark Leroy skin absorbs the sun rays and converts then into vitamin do among other things.

    Screw Tall, Dark, and Handsome... Why Looks DON'T MATTER in Love. w/Laurel House

    Just had to fact check you real quick. This trope has been a bane of mine for the entirety of my adult life. There are definitely surreptitious racist overtones that would not play if the qualifier were different. I've been described as handsome I've always been pretty healthy and had excelled athletically, but I notice swarthy guys get all of the attention.

    A diminutive mestizo seems preferable. It may take a while to find them but they are there if you are willing to try out different types of men than you are used to dating. So what I want you to do is make your list then consider changing one quality on it and start looking for men with that different quality. It may not feel comfortable at first because change is hard.

    But the benefits might be so worth it. What could happen is:. Sign up by clicking here to receive my weekly blog.

    Attractive Traits You Can Control or Mimic

    Interestingly, preferences that both sexes agreed on were dog-lovers who work out times a week and listen to pop rock music. Both genders also cited a nice smile as being the first thing to attract them to a potential partner. Maybe, just maybe, we should forget our hair colour and height and profession and just smile then. Bizarre video shows US tourist walking street on dog lead in Colombia!

    50 & Dating-I’d Like Tall, Dark, Handsome and Rich Please!

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