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Enter, through the side door, the Personal Dating Assistants. This is not merely a job description.

It's a brand name. It's a service that claims to be the best go-between that a man could ever want. Have these people ever been to California? For most men here, money is money, and time is spent smoking pot and pontificating about, uh, where technology is going.

Who Our Service is Made For

It's clear, though, that these people are aiming at busy business types, who just don't have time for the niceties. Here's another bit of blurb: But what do these trusted experts do? Why, "your personal dating assistant is specialized to do 1 thing; supply you with a constant stream of attractive women to go on dates with.

This is clearly bliss for so many men. They believe not in relationships, but in constant streams. As long as your stream is constant, your heart will be nourished forever more. Still, what kind of success can a service have in writing messages to women on your behalf, when their video offers this line: What do you want?

Someone who dares writes such lyrical thoughts will surely also write to a potential match: Your PDA will write all your messages for you. You did realize that, didn't you?

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Yes, these expert consultants are paid more than minimum wage. There again, perhaps they're not, if the PDA owners take their cut before the consultants get their share. There's another source of fear. Your assistants will actually choose the women "you'll" be contacting.

Personal Dating Assistants - Online Dating Service for Men

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