Dating a girl who is friends with her ex

Sometimes it just takes time to get over that ex and realize that what you have now is way better, and sometimes you just need to be alone to sort through your decision alone. What sucks worse than being in the position of wondering about an ex, is being in the position of the new love interest with a girl that seems hung up on an old flame. Look for these 5 red flags, and if you seem to be checking them off one by one, it might be time to have an open and honest heart to heart about your new relationship and where it stands against an old one. If the ex happens to pop up in every conversation, there might be some underlying problems at hand; problems she might not even be fully conscious about or aware of.

She’s Not Over Her Ex! Top 5 Warning Signs

New relationships should be about learning about one another. Yes, exes and past relationships can help give insight into what you each want and would like to avoid in the future. But, those conversations should be short and simple, not a recurring topic. If the ex shows up at an event you two are at and she has no reaction, then you have nothing to worry about.

As in sitting right next to her, watching all of this go down. Her jaw was tense, her smile unwavering.

That is too damn awkward for me. It makes my skin crawl. For some, a bad habit could be a deal breaker , an inability to text back in a timely fashion, or an affinity for Coldplay.

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Some people can forgive cheating; some people cannot. If you want to date someone who nuzzles their ex at dinner parties in front of you, be my guest. I have healthy self-esteem, I really do.

Here's What You Need To Do When Her Ex Is Still In The Picture

Just remember that without that ex, she wouldn't be the person you like so much today. Not good If it burns Then the burning is bad. Ever noticed how some people complain about sooo much, never do anything about it.. If I'm insulting you I'm trying to help make you a better person in the end.

When the gf is still friends with the ex, its a tough situation, and yet a sketchy one at that also. I've never understood it, but that's just me.

Why I Would Never Date Someone Who Stayed Friends With Their Ex

I'm not friends with any of my ex's and I would't want to be, well maybe a few. But ya I would sit her down and talk to her about, just let her know how you feel, tell that you don't want them to stop talking you just want to know that there's nothing there between them anymore. The key is to watch her reaction when you sit her down to talk, if she gets defensive and starts a fight she's obviously protecting something, but if she sets down and has a mature conversation about it then you should be good. Still you never know.

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We made it brahs. So we had out little Christman tonight She got me an extremely thoughtfull gift and was all over me We had sex right before opening presents with the family Soo nothing really seems off, the guy was at Church tonight but she stayed with me the whole time and left with me. So I guess I really have nothing to be paranoid about. I just feel weird about it Ex-sex is always good!

She’s Not Over Her Ex! Top 5 Warning Signs

And it is really easy to go where you have been before! I know it's been said a way too much Originally Posted by Thewhite9t. Luckily my girlfriend's ex is the worlds biggest douche bag and I saved her from him, but if I was in your situation.. I, personally, wouldn't worry too much about her being aquainted with him and casually being nice to eachother.

However, I would think it a little strange if she went out and hung out with him. That's pretty much a red flag. Not saying run up to her and unleash hell, but let her know how you feel about it.