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One woman who looked very attractive claimed to be 60, but in her profile clarified that she was actually 40 but couldn't alter her age on her profile. She contacted me, was too overtly sexual for my taste and wanted to communicate offline. Based upon what I've, this is often a set-up for a scam Years ago, I recall eHarmony used to promote themselves on television as having an algorithm that promises to match members in loving relationship.

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Too bad that the TV pitchman - the guy wearing a white smock, carrying a clipboard, and having a smirk on his face - wasn't still. Perhaps, then he might draw others suckers to this site to make more worthwhile I would suggest you look elsewhere for love, and do something more rewarding with your hard earned rather than waste it on this service. I signed at beginning of November I set my profiles as I preferred. When I contacted support because I was not getting any matches they advised me that I needed to change my preferences to be more open.

I followed your advice going against what I was actually looking for in a person. I have had few responses but nothing but people over 2 to 3 hours away from my hometown.

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  • I contacted eHarmony and again I was chat. I was told to set my profile settings differently than what I would prefer. I feel as though eHarmony is fraudulent and their advertisement and is misleading to their customers. I have canceled my membership and I am very disappointed with their service. I think eHarmony is a scam.

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    My account was set to NOT auto-renew and billed anyway. This service had modified my settings and performed an unauthorized withdraw on my bank account. I used this service for a few months and found success elsewhere. My account was deleted. The majority of profiles they "match" you with are people who have not been on the site in forever.

    It would be nice if they would bring back the "Last online" feature as otherwise you could be writing to someone who has been in a relationship for the last year. This my first time dating online and never again. One response was from a suspicious match that was immediately asking for my phone number, finally give him my phone number and after a couple hours I was getting phone calls from Romania, really?

    His profile says he was from New York.

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    I noticed that their staff removed the match from the system for undisclosed reasons, soon thereafter. I do not wish to share my information with any more of their users. I asked to have my account wiped and a refund returned. I was given the runaround by both a call rep Beth and a supervisor and on top of that they want to charge me the balance. My 'matches' were usually out of my age range by more than 10 years older or younger than me. They were also usually over miles away! Completely misleading and a waste of your time, energy and money!

    I joined eHarmony recently. Nobody talks to me and the few who has interacted only did like a short while. It is super to be matched with people states away from you and Canada. I was told the site would better match you. It feels like a scam. Do NOT sign up for auto renewal. Will not close my account by phone.

    Other Rhode Island Cities:

    California has won a class action lawsuit against eHarmony. I had an eHaronmy account about a year ago. I canceled it and ask them to remove my profile.

    eharmony review: A long, annoying sign-up process makes for a long, happy marriage

    A relationship I had started fell through because the woman I was seeing thought I was still trolling for dates because my profile still appeared to be active. I reactivated the account and found they had left my profile active all that time, making mine a "ghost" account. There were scores of "matches" during that time. The women must have thought I was a snob for not replying to them.

    This appears to be how eHarmony inflates the number of accounts presented to users. Unwitting users like me are turned into shills in eHarmomy's fraudulent user-inflation scam. I found that many of the photos were "scraped" copied from commercial adds and magazine articles appearing online. I confirmed that by copying the profile photo and running it through Google image search images. So if you use eHarmony, prepare to be scammed both by eHarmony and by its users.

    I didn't even have the account for 24 hours and they canceled my account without notice. They did not want to give specific reasons. They also won't give me my money back. It seems impossible to unsubscribe. They are intent on you giving up, which I ended up doing several times. That is abusing the situation. I have sent e-mails, now my account details don't work anymore, I have asked a new password to be sent and no response.

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    And I still get those tricking emails, but hey unsubscribing from those actually worked! So now I am paying for matches I don't get anymore. I do not need this. Don't make use of the situation people are in, some people may be really vulnerable, nor make it impossible to contact you, no matter what the reason is. Please prove you are not all bad. Paid for a year which was stupid on my part. The matches I am getting are atrocious and there is no response from anyone. Initially I tried to initiate communication and there was zero response. I am on other paid dating sites as well as free ones and get communication initiated all day long.

    Contacted them to express my satisfaction and their response was that my fully completed profile with a full array of photos should have less selfies. I have a range of photos and as I said get response all day long on other sites. They indicated they had a satisfaction guarantee and I asked for the details and they said they would give me more time on the site.

    They should be ashamed of themselves. Such a disappointing scam. I did not feel safe using their service. I received only 2 responses in the first 12 days. One response was from a suspicious match that was immediately asking for my phone number. Noticing the poor spelling and syntax, I declined the request. I was given the run around by both a call rep Beth and a supervisor Chad. The 3 day refund period is a joke. I made the mistake of purchasing a year subscription. They refused to offer a refund of any kind, not even partial. This is not professional. And it is certainly not good customer service expectations.

    Please do not use this service.