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He explains how he maintained multiple long term relationship with several women, the problems he experienced and how he handled them. In my view it is an honest account, not only because of the detail, the body language etc he describes taking place, but also because he is self critical when he sometimes made mistakes. The second part compliments and explains the first. It is a textbook that explains the systems and methods used. I advise you read the first half, then the second half.

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This way the whole story comes together. You could say that the second part enlightens the first. This book is a must for any budding or experienced Pick Up Artist, because it brings the whole concept together. Instead of a string of routines, you get to see how the various systems and methods interact harmoniously. It is also invaluable to any man who wishes to improve his skills with the opposite sex. It is written in simple language with few Pick Up Artist abbreviations so that non-pua readers can understand what is going on. Ideal then, for beginners too.

One person found this helpful. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Tripp prides himself on being a seduction coach not only for men but women as well. His diary entries bounce around quite a bit and makes one slightly dizzy, but I have to admit most of the erotic scenes are pretty well written and very intense.

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Tripp's seduction scenes generally begin on the dance floor and may or may not end up with all clothes off. The full-fledged Casanova creates several tangled webs which cost him a lot emotionally. You may learn a few tricks about seduction and the art of being confident, but this book is more of a porn movie with an actual plot.

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He has a rhyme to his reason Tripp, if you are reading this, I hope you slide up behind me one day on the dance floor because those sensual dance moves you wrote about were the best part of the book. I received a copy of this book free as a prize from a Facebook contest I entered because I had nothing better to do. Considering I knew the author in passing on several indie writer groups on that site, I figured "how bad could it be? The only real value that this particular book has is the good feeling you get when you click your Kindle's 5-way control to the left and press "delete".

This book is supposedly based on the author's real-life experiences as a "pick-up artist" and his attempts at some bizarre type of one-sided open marriage. The pick-up artist is, of course, a breed of humanity that is the one of the main reasons men are looked down upon as creatures with nothing by mindless procreation on their minds.

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Y'know, like the morons some people watch on Jersey Shore. I've seen ego trips before, but this one takes the cake. The book is actually fairly well written, but that fact does nothing to dissuade the bad taste the story leaves in your mouth. As a guy, the book made me feel slimy for even reading it. I'd hate to see what it effect it would have on anyone with considerably finer sensibilities than I have. The Dating Doctor's Diaries has a blatant shallowness that is rarely seen outside of letters written to the Penthouse Forum by eager year-olds who can't wait for the wonderful events of their first big-kid-with-actual-girls party.

Most other folks will probably want to avoid it.

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I have just finished reading this book. It is split into two sections, the first is a detailed account of Mr Tripp's experiences of being a PUA and his relationships with women. How he met them, how gamed them, the jealousy between them and how he managed to keep and loose them, how he and they interacted with their families, how the women interacted with each other. These accounts are in my view very honest, because Tripp not only highlights his many successes, but openly admits where he sometimes made mistakes.

The gaming accounts are interesting because they are highly descriptive, mentioning the details of the women's and his own body language during the interactions. It is almost like you are at a nightclub and he is explaining to you what he is doing and how the girls are responding, you can picture it in your mind.