Dating someone with no social life

It helped me to appreciate myself and still motivates taking loving care of me. I enjoyed the freedom of doing things my way and not having to worry about convincing someone to go with me. When you have a life, you control your happiness and are more content.

Being happy in your own skin builds confidence and an energy that makes you more attractive to people. Plus it prevents feeling pressure to keep your relationship together to avoid being alone since you have a life outside of the relationship if it ends. You can relax and enjoy and let things flow, knowing you and your partner are together because you want to be, not need to be.

Think of yourself as an adult on your own and check out all opportunities available that can lead to more fulfillment.

Get involved in organizations that relate to something you do professionally, or that focus on a hobby or interest that appeals to you and get to know more people. Do volunteer work that makes you feel good. Having your own life gives you autonomy in a relationship and is appealing to both sexes. You'll have more to share with your partner when you're together. And time apart fuels desire for each other. Independence within the interdependence of a relationship stokes passion for each other.


So if you want a healthy relationship, get a life that's your own! Ideas are not set in stone. When exposed to thoughtful people, they morph and adapt into their most potent form. TEDWeekends will highlight some of today's most intriguing ideas and allow them to develop in real time through your voice!

If You Want a Healthy Relationship, Get a Life!

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If the girl cares about your "social status" than screw that bitch. Plus, just lie or something. Originally Posted by spc Originally Posted by GetStrongYo. Originally Posted by skinnyaltima. Originally Posted by loliluver.

What it’s like when your boyfriend has no friends | MadameNoire

Why the hell would you want to date a bitch that looks negatively upon this? And if your goal is just to fuk, then you might as well make stuff up. Literally degree turn, and the amount of ass I've gotten lately has been much better than before. You'll get a few dimes at parties that are slutty, but its not really a meaningful relationship.

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At least in my experience I like fast cars, nice watches, sharp knives, and good smells. Originally Posted by FlabbyAndSick. The Bible says "Thou shalt not kill. Originally Posted by mille IMO more people are socially awkward than you think. I never was and mostly will never be.

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But there is a reason I'm like this. Somewhere in an earlier developmental stage of my life, I sub-conciousley made the decision to limit by social "looseness". There was probably a reason for this, and to go against it now just because I am having doubts would be to bail out of my plan and to doubt myself. I can't change the way I am.

Could you ever date a girl with no social life/sheltered?

So why even try? You probably don't want to really be too social yourself.

Society popularizes being cool and fitting in, but really you have to ask yourself, what do these extra relationships even mean? How deep are they?