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The turn signal in the glass would turn on and stay on not blink until I released the pedal. I'm wondering if maybe it's a ground wire issue?? It's weird that the brake pedal would cause the turn signal to illuminate. I bought the mirrors off of Syppo. The wires that need to be hooked up turn, clearance and reverse aren't connected to a plug, they're just loose wires.

I know I didn't mix any of the wires up when connecting them. One other thing to ask.. When I connected the backup lamp wire for the mirror to the reverse light wire in the BCM, the lights only came on when I put the truck in reverse. What wire would I need to tap in to for them to come on when I put the truck in reverse and when I unlock the doors. I was assuming it was the same wire but I guess not. This is the video I used for wiring my mirrors The top plug is likely not even there unused but the cab marker wire is one of the upper left wires in the unused plug receptacle.

I just spliced into the wire from the back side. I don't remember the wire color but trust me, it's there in ALL trucks. I rewired my tow mirrors using the Boost Auto Parts dual function harness kit, followed their videos and even talked with them on the phone for 5 mins and my mirrors are working great. I used the add a fuse for the running lights and for the reverse lights as well. My problem with the turn signals lighting up when I pressed the brake pedal was caused by being on the wrong wires under the dash at the BCM. I was on a skinny blue wire with a yellow stripe, but I needed to be on the thick blue wire with a white stripe for the left turn signal.

I had a problem with the front amber running lights not working as turn signals, so I had to talk to boost auto parts on the phone and they had me straightened out in less than 5 minutes.

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My lights were set up as running lights by default, not turn signals like some of the other manufacturers have them set up. I just had to connect the factory running light wires to the turn signals and it fixed my problem. Maybe a pic?

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Great upgrade. Any help is appreciated greyfox wrote: I was working on the mirrors last week and earlier today but I still don't have them hooked up. I've made a request to them and I'm waiting to see if it's do-able I want to add and old-fashioned foot switch for my hi-beams.

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They told me they would look into it. Diablew Tune. I work weekends and by the time I get home and spend time with the kids and wife, it's bedtime shortly after so I barely get to do much on my phone. It sounds like you already got your questions answered by the guys at boost auto parts.

I really like their customer service too. I only had to call them once, but they had my problem solved within 5 minutes. Wiring my mirrors running lights. Switch to mobile site. It is currently Oct 27 , pm. Register Login. Electrical Forum Discussion specific to electric components of trucks.

At this price it's a large tv and excellent picture. A definite upgrade. At my local Walmart sitting next to a Vizio it didn't look good at all. Many fall into this mistake of thinking. Vizio has a display to show off their 4K abilities.

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All the other TVs there without sharper images are generally running Walmart's old cable and not even showing real 4K Hd abilities that they may have. Getting this one home I found that was definitely true on this model as well. The picture is excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a few more. This 50" 4K is a great buy at I have had p units costing 6 times the price in the past and guess what, one was a 3D plasma that didn't last two years. This unit has very accurate colors it's very easy to set up.

Now of course the TV speakers are what they are. I'm using my 50" in a 5. I have had no issues with it. Let's face it all TV's are made overseas and finding this unit for under No it's not a unit with all the bells and whistles, you'll pay a lot more for those things. I'm not one to spend over 1K anymore since I got burned in the past.

This unit that is made just for Walmart again is a great buy!! I saw this item a few times in Walmart I was surprised they still have some left my Christmas shopping was done and I decided to pick one up I even bought 4K HDMI cables to make sure it works right the picture quality is amazing right quality it's hooked up to my surround sound and I have no issues other than when you switch devices it flickers a few times just to find the right megahertz for you but it is an excellent TV would recommend to buy again I got a 4K TV for a cheap price and the size is just perfect.

As a low budget TV this thing is amazing. A few prerequisites If anything happens I will update this I got a 2 year warranty to be on the safe side. But considering what I was coming from the picture quality is amazing. The darks are dark and the color is good. I prefer a bright screen and so far the screen hasn't been washed out by sunlight from the window. The sound quality is to be desired but what flat screen isn't? A sound bar which I already had fixes that. So far this was a great purchase! I didnt enter the tv model. Simply programmed the remote with that code. Here at Walmart.

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