16 and 22 year old dating

Jan 8, 8. Jan 8, 9. Jan 8, I think it's gross though I dated a few yr olds when I was 16, but I didn't know any better bc i was 16 So yeah, no bueno. The year-old would get beaten down. I agree with your friend. If you have the mindset of a 16 year old, and you're on an 16 year old's level when it comes to life I can see you not having a problem with it.

I wish a 22 yr old would come sniffing around my if I were to have kids 16 yr old Child.

16 year old daughter dating 22 year old man

I dont know if its gross, body-wise, 16 yr olds can be rather grown. But it's illegal and I think that 6 yrs is too much of a difference. And if a 22 yr old came around my 16 yr old, he would be told firmly and politely to hit the road. Folks are too anxious to act grown. I side eye any college graduate-aged person that's still trolling high schools for ass. I think it's wrong I'm just picturin g my 16 yo sis being with a 22 year old..

I would bea t her ass and his too. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Thoughts on a 22 year old dating a 16 year old

Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. My cousin is 21, going on 22 in August. He is going out with a girl that just turned 16 in January!

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I keep telling him it's wrong but he says age is just a number and no age difference will come between him and his true love. Well, she's at the legal age For, you know Most states in the US say you must be atleast 18 years old to have sex without the consent of parents. The age varies from state to state, i think you can find a map that shows it on google. As long as they don't have any kind of physical sex with eachother, its perfectly fine.

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I'm 52 and I'm going out with a 15 year old. You know how Bill Clinton got off the hook because he did not have sex with that woman under the constitution I'm not saying it's right, just interested. What i'm trying to say is that if someone is over the age of consent I mean any age you're considered an adult it is fine to date or have a relationship with a minor as long as they do not have sex of any type, such as oral, anal vagi Kissing and cuddling is fine. Just don't molest the minor.

Hes 21 Im 15

In Holland its 16 I believe, but my point is the "rape" definition. You don't call it rape if someone under the age of consent has sex with someone older? What do you call it then? So a 14 year old having "relations" with a 20 year old isn't called statutory rape? Is it called anything?


Can the 20 year old go to jail for this in your country? So you mean there isn't a specific term for it as far as you know but the 20 year old in my example could still go to jail? I would say no, just because there's a vast difference in life experience, mentality, etc. Hell, I'm only 19 and I'd have serious doubts about dating a year-old.

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But hey, if they're actually in a relationship for good reasons and he isn't just using her for sex It could work out, stranger things have happened. Reminds me of my brother-in-law's cousin.

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She just turned 16 and her mother's signing for her to get married to some year-old guy Here in Aus if they have sex then its called statutory rape. I don't think there is any law that says they can't have a relationship. The Criminal Code does not now criminalize consensual sexual activity with or between persons 14 or over, unless it takes place in a relationship of trust or dependency, in which case sexual activity with persons over 14 but under 18 can constitute an offence, notwithstanding their consent.

Even consensual activity with those under 14 but over 12 may not be an offence if the accused is under 16 and less than two years older than the complainant. The exception, of course, is anal intercourse, to which unmarried persons under 18 cannot legally consent.

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Basicly, if she wants it, you can give it to her, but if she decides not, at any time. Nevermind, seems like I was wrong. The AoC law was shoehorned into the recent C-2 Bill about gun control, that got passed last month. Forgot about that, my copies of the crimiminal code havn't been updated yet. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Tolwan Follow Forum Posts: TheLordRagnarok Not necessarily true. AnotherKill Follow Forum Posts: