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This led to the decision to study Communication Design in Darmstadt as a way of perfecting my likings and gaining more experience and skills. What are the things and experiences in particular that drive and motivate your photography? Do you get inspired by anything and everything, or are there particular human conditions? I wanted to do a project which has never been done like this before.

When I was doing research on ethnographical photography, I found out that Iran had very few photographers who made this their topic.

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One of them who inspired me was one of the first photographers in Iran, who was of Russian descent. Antoin Sevruguin was one of the only artists who captured the demographic and ethnic groups which lived in Iran, and visually documented the diverse population of Iran for the first time. Sevruguin decided to create his own survey of the people, landscape, and architecture of Iran. That was the moment when I decided to work on the topic of Afro-Iranians.

My inspiration strengthened me more to document the widely unknown minority. A photo series which shows a firsthand account of the current presence of the often overlooked Afro-Iranians for the first time. Can you tell me how you specifically discovered the Afro-Iranian community? And why were you drawn to capture the lives and experiences of those in this community in the way you did? There are two main reasons, I can think of, that led to my awareness of Iranians of African descent living in Iran. It is addressed to his master whom he encourages to remain hopeful and happy.

The main characteristic that makes him one of the most famous Iranian figures is his blackened face. This figure symbolizes the beginning of the new year. Some sources state that the happiness of Haji Firuz is based on the termination of slavery in Iran, Then, there was the first time I saw an Afro-Iranian man. It was some years ago when we were on summer vacation in Iran with my family and some friends. We went to watch a football match in the Hafeziyeh Stadium in Shiraz, where my father is from. I was there with my uncle, brother, a German friend of his, and a good friend of mine.

For the first time ever I saw a black Iranian man.

He also happened to be the fan leader of the opposite Team from Hormozgan. I was quickly appealed by the way the opposite fans joyfully and rhythmically chanted for their team. Being someone who likes to record things on camera, I decided to capture that moment on video. The subsequent closer look surprised me a lot. It let me get to know another and fascinating portrait of Iranian culture. This is what I wanted to pass on with my photographic work. What is your opinion of their experiences as a minority in the country? During my first days there, I was very cautious with how I approached people.

Hot Persian Girls/More Reasons Why White Women Should Not Date Black Men

The approach you have to European and Western subjects is different to people in Iran. I simply took the occasion to get to know the people and place better, by living everyday life there and letting my emotions guide me. After about one week, I had made friends with locals from Bandar Abbas capital of Hormozgan Province. Through them, I found out the way to approach the people.

Some of them, especially women, did not allow me to portray them.

19 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Persian BF In Your Life - Narcity

My successful approach was based on trust which I had to establish first. I explained the background of my project and my intentions. After that, the majority were surprised to meet someone from Germany who wanted to portray them with such an unexpected motivation and enthusiasm. Since the domination of the Portuguese over the Persian Gulf region in the 16th century for more than years, a lot of Africans were enslaved and brought to Iran. Most of the enslaved people and a minority of African traders stayed in southern parts of Iran and made Iran their home even after their freedom and the termination of slavery in Ever since Afro-Iranians were fully integrated and accepted by the Iranian society.

19 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Persian BF In Your Life

I can say that the Afro-Iranians not only fit into the Iranian society but they have even shaped the culture in southern parts of the country. Last edited by Kings Gambit; at LA is the land of money. From what I have seen, Iranian women will date non Persians but want to marry a Persian. Persian men, OTOH, want white women as their first preference.

White Persian girl vs Black man

OP, based on observation interracial dating isn't as big in LA as many people want to make it sound, and unfortunately for you, this is particularly true for Iranians and applies to Iranian-Armenians, Iranians Jews too. I've never met any Iranian girl that wasn't involved with someone that didn't belong to their community.

Except you do.

Now though this how most Iranian girls tend to do, one girl might be more open and that's all that matters to you. Where the sun always shines. Originally Posted by Trebaruna. Kings Gambit, I used the term Iranian as a general term. I met Iranians and, although most are Persian and speak Farsi, some speak Arabic and others, which is rare, speak Assyrian. Assyrians, from what I've seen, are Christian. I've always had a few Persian guy friends since my college career.

I haven't really interacted with the women but the company I work for is fairly large that I see them in other groups. I am aware of them because I know people around them. By the way, as far as interracial dating, I've dated white and Asian women too. I was asking about Iranians because they're like an exotic other to me. Many of my hispanic friends married white women and I think that's the most common interracial couple for marriage but maybe it's just a SoCal thing.

There's a stereotype of white guys dating Asian girls and white girls dating black guys but statistics show otherwise for marriage. This is brings back memories. I knew an Iranian guy who couldn't get a date so he hung out at Cowtown, a cowboy bar in San Jose or Gilroy or somewhere. He wore a cowboy hat and passed for Latino. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned.

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