Dating conflicting schedules

After she got home she texted unprompted that she had a good time and we talked a bit before heading to bed. I work a M-F job, where she works more retail hours, typically a noon How do I keep the momentum going without being pushy? Or do I just sit back and wait for her to ask if I can get together? I worry that a week or so break could easily lead to lost interest.

Does that sound right to you?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly four years, and we face the challenge that our schedules have never aligned. Whether it was a full-time load at school or graveyard shifts at work, it was rare for our days off or schedules to be completely in sync. Even though my boyfriend and I live in the same area, having drastically different schedules can often make it feel like we are a world apart.

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It can even feel worse when the holidays roll around or you find yourself being on your own for outings more commonly than not. So, when he worked nights and I worked days, it was rough, but when we were both on days it was easier. I got laid off, found a new job, 5 days a week, baby in child care twice a week. I went back to the 3 days a week job, then got transferred to nights.

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So, we worked opposite days of the week again, both worked nights and had a kid. We never saw each other. He'd come home Wed. AM and sleep all day, I would be home alone with kid trying to keep it quiet for him, etc. Then, I'd go to work Thursday night, and he'd stay home with kid. He got a regular M-F job during the day.

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I got a M-F job during the day. We paid for full time child care, which SUCKS, but we saw each other all the time and got to eat dinner together as a family.

Dating & different schedules

Had another kid finally. Still working full time days, etc. SO, in short too late , it can work if you both really want it to. My husband and I don't have opposite shifts, but our hours are different enough that I have a lot of free time without him. We do have Sundays together, so that's nice. I have also dated guys in the past We just made the best of the time we had together. Now, with my husband, I enjoy having my "me" time, so I'm okay with coming home alone for several hours and having my Saturdays free. We have our later evenings together, we'll go out on Saturday nights starting our outting rather late, actually , and we spend all day Sunday together.

How do you keep dating momentum with conflicting work schedules?

I've always been kind of a loner, so I'm actually okay with this arrangement. It just makes me value the time we do have together. That's right, I said it! I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

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I work or Tues through Sat. Anyone dating me just has to deal with that. I don't like going out on Friday nights because Saturday is my busiest work day. Things often have to be crammed in on Sundays.

Make sure you’re okay with the situation

I much prefer dating other non tradtional hour workers. I'm a nurse and have always done shift work, nights for the last 17 years. My SO has always worked more or less , M-F. We've just worked round it, it's never been much of a problem, just a bit inconvenient at times. My dad worked a 3 week rota of first shift, back shift and nights, whilst my mum had an office job with regular hours. Tresemme Naturals rinse out: Garnier Triple Nutrition Leave in: Suave naturals, whichever scent I'm into at the moment gel: Garnier Fructis or LA Looks 3a-3b - high porosity.

When we do see each other, things get tricky. If I'm going to him, I leave Saturday after work and get there about 3 a. We try to get up early Sunday, and we have that day together. Then I sit in his place while he's at class Monday. I leave Tuesday during a break in one of his classes.